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    I was sitting on my room,when suddenly I heard a knock in my door. When I opened the door,the dreams came walking by. I thought of sleeping by then.The very next morning when I woke up I felt like my dreams went away and the warm ray of morning sunlight was blocked in the door of my balcony. Then only I open the balcony door.I felt the beautiful sun rays and the pleasant wind passing by. I went to make myself fresh and then made a cup of tea. I sat on my verandah with the cup of tea in my hand, and that was the most amazing thing.
    In the very sharp morning the cup of tea made be energetic. I went to watch my small library which I made in my room, it's nothing else than a cupboard. I had a collection of books. I was obbessed of reading books. That morning I started to continue reading Anne Frank. No matter how old I grow Anne Frank's book will be forever struck on my mind. There are many more books I have read. You can try this out."To Kill A Mockingbird","David Copperfield" , these will make you inspire. People so call me a bibliophilic person because of my affection towards books.

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    Being Bibliophilic