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    Yes, It Happened to Me.

    Curtains are drawn,
    As he ready to perform.
    The greatest story of his life,
    Drawn from the memories,

    Yes, it happened... He said.
    Yes, it happened,
    I was thrown, broken and petrified,
    But never lied.
    Never lied to make my life easy.
    As I tried not to live like refugee,
    In my own thoughts, my home.
    I wasn't free, something is holding my air,
    And I wasn't agree.
    So, i choose to fight and believe In me.
    I couldn't go more down as I used to be.
    Nothing to loose and to set my mind free.
    I took the air and feel the breeze
    I can see the beauty of world now as my wings are free.

    Yes, it happened
    It happened to me,
    I was thrown, broken and petrified.
    Just to set myself free.