• jamaree_writes_poetry 9w

    Same Way

    "I act solely on the vibe that I get from You,
    The way we stick together is so strong like if we were solidified by thick Glue,
    I'm so grateful for you because you never have took me for Granted,
    Always staying leveled and never being off balance as we never have to worry about being Slanted,
    Danger always tends to avoid us because when we are with each other, we feel so Secure,
    I know that what we have between us is so authentic and Pure,
    Not worried about the others as we do our own thing and go at our own Pace,
    Ready for any challenge or situation that comes our way or whatever else we might have to Face,
    People wondering how we managed to be so tight with having this bond between one another being so Close,
    We just be on our own type of drug as we keep giving each other dose after Dose,
    Knowing that you're going to be there through it all is such a satisfying Feeling,
    Having me reach the absolute top of the world by going straight through the Ceiling,
    Hanging onto every single word that comes out of your mouth as I am waiting next on what you're going to Say,
    You love me for just being me and baby I just want you to know that I feel the exact same Way ..."