• alexthurkettle 10w


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    United needs to become States of mind

    Confusion becomes intrusion, confident in what is soothing, commitment to illusion, Jesus is infusion, Consequence of being born, from a mother that is scorned, To a Child that is born, Willing Angels blow their horn, Commitment that's reformed, the world had blown a curse, So perception heals rejection, As artifacts are burned, Numerous cosmetic Toxicologist, As the earth confides anonymous, I've belonged to my father, I'm not a theologist, I belong to what is real, as iron sharpens Steele, A product of the software, I belong to what is real, Concepts of the Wake, alone to wear the cape, Supervisor as the one who is to seal fate, Familiar with the present, The mood full as it crescents, Covenant as a feel, I'm consumed with what is present