• bloodink14 23w

    Just another ordinary story

    There he is
    With his messy hair and a smile that could kill
    Eyes stealing glances
    Hiding those pretty little secrets
    There he is
    Talking to me like I'm the only one that matters
    Telling me he cares
    Telling me I'm important
    There he is
    With her by his side
    And all I think about is how he's not mine
    Never will be.
    There he is
    Kissing her
    There he is
    Kissing me
    Telling me it was just a mistake
    Begging me to not tell her,
    I don't.
    I'm in love.
    They tell me to move on,
    I try.
    I fail.
    I hope
    I cry
    You see, its no new story
    Its the oldest love story in the history
    A girl falls in love with a guy and the guy falls for someone else.
    But no, my story doesn't matter.
    Because I'm just an ordinary girl with an ordinary story.