• prajeshmukherjee 6w

    Encountering Innocence

    Back in time, when we first met,
    As we entered our class with fear,
    Dreams in our eyes, that we would get,
    Affection and knowledge that will steer,

    Our paths which would, be different and
    A journey waiting to unfold,
    Our knowledge being young, to question
    a view,
    Revealing secrets untold.

    You helped us all, and made us strong,
    With your affection and innocent smile,
    Which will stay there, for years long,
    In our hearts all the while.

    And now the time, has come to depart,
    From the knowledge and innocence we
    But you will remain, always in our heart,
    Rooted within deep and profound.
    - Prajesh Mukherjee