• thelostsoul_writes 8w

    He left too soon, but he will be here forever
    #Dilbechara #SushantsinghRajput

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    A Tribute

    Saw you on the screen last night
    Hearing your voice once again
    How strange is that,
    For once it seemed you are still here
    And this isn't the last time
    The smile of yours
    And see you moving
    So many emotions you brought

    Dear Sushant,
    You left so early,.
    Yet you will live forever
    In the hearts,
    And it won't be the last time
    You will stay
    Like the eternal Sunshine
    Always and forever
    You were the star here
    And you became one truly,
    You touched the hearts of so many,
    You will be seen
    You will be heard
    For the soul like you
    Shines here and beyond.