• heartwritten 11w

    You are that family
    With whom I don't share my bedroom, kitchen or whatsoever,
    but I do share my whole heart & the best part is I never regret it.
    Like any other family
    I do fight, get mad, upset & judgmental too sometimes...
    But that doesn't mean
    I stay there forever.
    Now or later I realise that
    We are a family
    Can be apart but not broken.
    You are always to my rescue!
    Though you don't solve all my problems
    But I can find you always by my side
    And no matter what
    You just keep pushing & pulling me
    Whatever is necessary to get away from it!
    You always explain me
    But you've never ever failed to understand me too!!
    I really don't need to get drunk or high
    To let my heart speak to you.
    Let it be Instagram or real me,
    I don't need any filters
    To make you love me
    And I love that!
    You act like you owe my property
    And enter my house like it's yours.
    But you are so stupid enough to think that,
    Coz you owe my life!!
    I Love You
    & I know You love me more!❤��
    Now Shut Up,

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    To my family
    away from home,

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