• fortemgem 10w

    by tomorrow

    the days are passing by like a blur
    and i couldn't help but get caught in it
    it's a blur of peace in a day wasting fast
    it's a blur of beauty in a world so cruel
    it's a blur of healing in a life that carried so much pain

    by tomorrow, i will let go
    at night where you can weep for my pain
    at night where i can excuse it for anxiety
    at night where these secrets that i hid in shame will be let go of

    i won't lie and tell you i am now okay
    i wont lie and say it's easier to talk about
    i won't lie and i won't pretend because it was never okay

    i will cause a commotion
    i will bring the tides
    i am done shutting up for anybody's sake

    this time, i won't burn the letter
    i am not backing down
    i owe it to her, i'll bring back her crown
    you'll see me brave while i may be in tears
    you'll see me break down and bring them to their knees

    i am afraid
    i have so many doubts
    but this time, i heard myself
    when i say i am tired
    i can't care for the fear
    i can't care for these doubts
    i have laid them all out before the One
    i know, He always got my back

    no more b.s., no more darkness
    i am allowing her to grow out of this darkness
    it may not go my way
    it may not be pretty
    it may be a lot of things but i know,
    i won't dare regret it