• subhamthapa 24w

    Too Many Lovers, Too Little Love

    This is a story of a woman
    No makeup, No plastic surgery
    But her eyes her lips her hair
    Looks like craved out to be diamond
    She seldom talked
    She frequently cried but inside
    She camouflaged her pain and secrets
    Buried everything under her smile
    Every man lay dead with a look of her eyes

    She is afraid of love
    She told me then
    But I knew she was afraid of falling in love again
    She didn't give a clue nor a chance
    But I sent her some signs
    Enough to understand without words
    I was someone she would not love

    I knew before it started
    That this wouldn't last long
    Then came a storm in our love valley
    It blew all red roses, yellow orchids and our dream house I imagined in my dreams
    I never knew she would go away from me
    Today when I look at you
    The pain revives in me

    She has got
    Too many lovers, too little love
    But she deserves more which I could give
    To take or to reject
    Was up to you
    Now it's your loss
    Cause you said we only Friends