• ryancier_ 10w

    You Are Not Valued Under Capitalism

    When the retaliation

    against destroying property

    and commodification

    is the brutalization

    and murder of the people----

    In simpler words...

    when the police

    threaten, with violence,

    HUMAN LIFE... so as to keep the normalcy

    of products, bricks, and THINGS,

    then our government

    has made the message loud and clear, and

    if we refuse to hear it, then we are beyond deaf, and

    beyond help. Our government

    has made the message LOUD and CLEAR:

    "A pack of gum from Target

    matters more than your life."

    To denounce the looting and the rioting

    is to promote the passive violence of Capitalism,

    and to stand with the oppressors

    who truly, themselves, believe

    that commodities, bricks, and price-tags

    should shine brighter than the lives

    which propped them up, as well as the groups

    who are alienated by such!!!


    Bottled water, with a price-tag, KILLS us!
    (those who have been thirsty
    for decades, you know. You know.)

    BASIC utilities and RIGHTS like housing, with a price-tag,

    KILL us!

    Relationships, with subscriptions, and a price-tag, KILL us!

    And yet, they want you to believe

    that looting is "wrong".