• lil_lover 30w

    Everytime you closed the door
    all I felt were the hands of someone I was destined to become

    Everytime I walked on the street
    all I heard was how I'm someone I shouldnt have been

    Everytime I look in the mirror
    all I see is someone I never wanted to be

    You may have fooled the rest of the world

    not me

    Even when you're gine I can not escape the ghost of you

    You follow me around in everything I touch, I see

    You are apart of everyone I have loved and they cant seem to stop reminding me that I'm just like you.

    I am forever in the shadows of someone who
    Shredded childhoods ripped innocenice

    Death can not stop you from tormenting me.
    Forever you shall haunt me in your deathly immortal state.

    I shall forever hate you.

    I shall forever love you...

    Happy mothers day