• anshikajverma 31w

    Lights out

    With the lights on
    I am visible
    To you and your eyes
    And so you see me
    It shapes me to your mind
    Gives me the colours you see
    Sets me for an example
    Of whatever you want to take it
    Now here you come near the wall
    Turn down the curtains
    Put the lights off
    See me now with the light of your eyes
    What's that you see?
    What's the shape you figure now?
    You saw me laughing in the light
    Looking pretty in the red dress
    Fair enough to be fair to your company
    What's the colour now?
    How's my smile?
    Oh you see nothing, don't you?
    Shall I blame your vision
    A lightless , dark , ugly one
    Or Shall I call you blind?
    That's what you are with lights out.