• xo_shivangi 51w

    Have you ever felt Alone,Lost?
    How devastating it feels and how hopeless and worthless you think you are.
    There will be days when you feel like giving up, end the misery and just stop trying – and living. People will come to your aid sometimes and give you words of wisdom like:
    “It ain’t gonna end like this, things will get better.”
    “You just have to keep holding on! I believe in you!”
    “You can’t stop here – life has so much to offer. Get up on your feet! You can do this!”
    And at times you just sit there and try to listen and take their words in – but you’re just fooling yourself because you’re a living deadpan; you hear but you never listen. No words can ever describe how depressed, stressed and miserable you are.
    But know this: You’re right. No one can. You know what’s more? No one can help you. No one can turn the situation around.
    Except yourself.
    You can explain how you feel, then tell it to yourself.
    You’re the only one who can help you.
    Slowly, TRY.
    Start with having positive thoughts, a positive mindset, and a positive outlook on life.
    Change your habit, try new things, talk and listen to people you know could help you.
    “If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.” is my favorite quote.
    Pray. Hope. Take action. Believe in yourself.
    You’re your own superhero. You’re the only one who can save you from all this mess.
    Do you think your future self would be happy if she sees you like this?
    I bet not.
    I assume what she wants to see is someone who’s working on making her present to be better, so her future will be how she planned and wanted it to be.
    Never let your thoughts consume you.
    "You may feel lost now, but you will soon be found."

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    You may feel lost now ,but you will soon be found.