• dreamer011 10w

    I am not a good writer
    I want to put things together what I saw.
    Standing there I saw many things going on around me, I wanted to do something, but I couldn't do anything instead of putting everything into words.
    I am going to talk about few things which I saw in my country India.
    When I saw a small kid killed himself for not getting much attention from his parents and dying in the name of love failure.
    Husband abusing his wife in front of his children without knowing how much it will effect her later.
    I have seen old people begging in road for money because their own children kicked them out after marriage.
    Transgender struggling very much in India begging everyone for money and always have a smile even though people stare, laugh and abuse them.
    Finding a job according to the education stream is the hardest in India.
    Kids worrying becoz they couldn't spend much time with their parents
    Parents worrying for not spending much time with their kids
    Everyone working hard for money
    It's like a race
    Day by day
    The more money they get the more greedy everyone goes.
    The Most worst part is caste, religion, politics and wealth.
    Love is not the same everywhere
    If they both love each then caste is the problem. If they both are of same caste, then wealth comes in middle.
    everything has become completely different.
    Nowadays kids go under depression at very small age.
    India is most famous for rape
    Everything is going crazy
    new born baby and old people are getting raped.
    What's gone into people's head?
    No one is taking action against it
    Discrimination between poor and rich
    That's the worst part
    Why can't everyone be equal
    Just equal
    I always wanted to make a change
    I was just standing there and wondering what in the world have I gotten in
    It aches that I couldn't do anything for anyone
    But one day I will make a change.

    Love, Dreamer