• mulaqaat 10w


    I girl who beautiful and bright
    fighting with the syllabus to fill her parents with pride
    Suddenly was ordered to become a bride
    That night she cried.
    Next day she stood there to fight
    But was emotionalized and convienced that their decision was right.
    Being confuse she enjoyed this fright
    But suddenly heard a voice beneath that streets light
    Didn't couraged to investigate was it right
    Bcoz it was late night
    The girl continued to study day and night
    But was surrounded by some noises and voices that argued wether she was wrong or right
    The voices trapped her in ropes which was really tight
    The courageous girl again cried
    The voices followed her all around making her feel that she was spied
    But when she turned that voices hide
    So hard she tried
    To overcome this voices fright
    Then the mystery suddenly became bright
    The girl came to know about this entire flight
    There were people ,her friends ,and A PERSON by whom a rope of restriction was tied.
    A PERSON was the one for whom the girl was ordered to become a bride
    He didn't understood his duties
    But did understand his rights which was not right
    Boosted in front of people that the girl will follow all his instruction becoz she was about to become his bride
    Was very much proud of his height
    And thought what all he did was right
    The girl after knowing the reason behind this voices fright
    With some courage and fear in her heart called the person to clear all this chaos so that they stop hiding beneath the streets light
    The person was stubborn and argued that the girl is wrong and he is right
    He took the matter to his parents who called my father at night
    Since the girl wasnt cunning like the person all the proofs were against her side
    The girl was questioned by her parents the girl was answerless and hence kept quite
    The cunning person stood again with his collar white
    The girl was again broken by the people and this reached the height
    The person now became alert and took even more smarter ride
    He started shouting all around that i trust her since she is right
    The girl understood his game and 'deleted him from her life'
    'Deleted him from her life'
    And took a long flight

    Should a girl marry such a person like
    'A PERSON' in the poem ?
    Plzzz comment and answer the above question.