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    The Prize;I paid!

    The Prize:I paid!
    Do you have an idea,
    a cue into the phenomenon
    called ideal??
    If you don't,I do.

    I willing strayed from strength
    And war against comfort,
    I screamed at peace,
    And hated tranquility,
    I left my palace for a hut isolated in a forest,
    I forsoke the companion of burden bearer,
    Pitched my tent amongst the birds,
    in the world of loneliness,
    Now I speak only to my three unfailingly friends;
    Me, myself and I.

    I left my corronation because I want no honour
    in my kingdom,
    I became a victim of scourn and mockery,
    Because I have challenged the conventional ways
    And paid no homage to generational costumes.

    I traded not my life nor my birthrite,
    So pity me not,
    Because at Dawn's fall,
    Before the new moon
    The Sun will announce my arrival,
    The moon and stars would eulogize me again
    And all the seven cosmos will come to my prominence, wisdom and grace
    And then I will wear the golden crown,
    Become the guardian of the twelfth scepter that bears the Almighty's seal,
    And be the eye of the sixty six books of ancient wisdom.
    For this is the path I choose
    © Adeoye Favour I.