• sagarikatripathy_ 10w

    #morning dream without you my love
    #you will always stay as a part of mine

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    Morning fear of 4am

    I woke up from your dreams
    And didn't saw you near....
    A place where you stay is now no more
    Every word of my promises is now ruined deep
    Inside your true making dreams.
    I saw the promises are aparted from our life
    There no sign of your that drag me again..
    If you don't want to be a part of mine
    Then why those moments are spent together which state that you are only mine....
    I am uncontrolled by knowing that it's over,
    All moments are just a moment of together..
    Was just a dream of mine in morning hour...
    And a flash of our together... As I woke up as a painful dreamer....