• noincee 9w

    What seraphs say

    When night falls and the crickets croak,
    And I'm bare and my thoughts go rogue,
    I hear them

    These angels you call, with their great wings,
    Are but like us mortals, those jealous things.

    I hear them call, whispering in those hushed, darkling tones;
    Promising me a land where the golden harp would be played by my merry moans.

    But I am strong, I shut my eyes
    And fill my head with the silver stag;
    A toeless foot, a pointless compass
    And lo! My head is nothing but a muddy black

    But I am strong. I have still hope.

    Yet closer they come, I can hear them laughing
    Their crimson breath hot on my neck;
    A few lines of a promising lullaby,
    And I think I can smell the Eiffel

    They promise me a speckled black dome,
    A few cold kisses on the head;
    A warm embrace that feels like May
    And Christmastime in summer!

    It's this at last that snaps the string,
    Oh Stranger, what do they call you? I believe your name is fey;
    You better tell me or these sinless demons will disclose it anyway

    But I shan't be a lovesick pen,
    It's weak, it's not me, I shan't

    But again, am I not the most cowardly being that walks this earthy land?

    The deal is done, those amber eyes alight
    These fanged angels are my newfound friends;
    Let me tell you again, they want nothing but lives
    And they will have it in the end

    My head hurts, the Eiffel smells stronger still
    I don't think I can carry on
    The thick air tells me to fight
    And fight and fight and fight

    But I am not strong. Do I have hope?