• iwriteiaarunkashyap 36w

    "Maa - Happy Mother's Day" (English Translation)

    - While walking down on down stairs I just fell down on the ground, she just heard my voice, and even today she ran so fast toward me. In just one moment, imagine all the moments were infront of my eyes, moments I spent through my childhood to today, with mom or without mom.
    First word through my mouth and my first hunger, she fed me through her soul, and even the first emotion was for her only. She taught me to walk on my own feets, and it was her only who fed me first before her.
    I walked so far with the time, and by walking far away I walked so far from my mother. She lost her sleep for me even at the middle of the night to make me sleep, and now she lose her sleep waiting for me at night that became her hobbit and my arguments with her. When I was away from home she kept thinking about me all the time, and here I don't even think of her.
    Today, when she walked towards me was the moment I confessed my crime in the court of my own heart, no matter how much you run for people or relationships, this is the only relationship that is equal to God.

    "A tribute to my mother on mother's day"
    R.I.P. Mom :) ILoveYou ‚ô°