• icjation1 10w

    My muse.

    The day I felt your breath.
    Days we felt each other’s breath kept a tab on my life belt.
    Drifted away like a dream I never wish to come end.
    At the brim of the schemes the curious eyes eager to put to an end.
    O your heart is in disguised wrapped in mysteries with an unknown end.
    Let me glance into it just this one time so that I may never return to one’s self,
    What gold is thy voice, what richness is thy vibrant smile
    That radiant like the summer breeze that calms the toughest of the storms.
    I know that walk I know that familiar voice,
    Oh my I know that feelings, I know that urge that begs me to make a move,
    I know that beauty that bribes my attention to favour a sight at you.
    I know thy lady’s empathy only I can see...
    Hold! Still! Dear that I may eject my life into yours...

    Without you in my life, it isn't worth a damn thing.