• tangled_writings 9w

    Not only when you kiss or cuddle,
    Also, while you miss at mid of twelve.

    Not only when holding hands for the first time, Also, while showing everyone he/she is mine.

    Not only when getting gifts,
    Also, while sharing memes and GIFs.

    Not only when you wake up beside him /her,
    Also, while waking up with his/her text.

    Not only when you fell asleep  while WhatsApp or Facetime,
    Also while waking up with a dream when your cellphone is dead.

    Not just once a week, month or year,
    Not just when you are dear and near,
    Also, while being apart,
    And, Smiling on a stupid stuff that done together..

    The Love Is Born!

    Now and forever!!

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    New Love..
    Now and forever!!