• safiyyahalii 23w

    Hello Mr Weirdo chapter 9 part 1

    Having no exact date for when the baby was due to come, I figured it was best to start baby clothes shopping.

    Plus the image of parading down the street with a butt naked newborn didn't sit well with me.

    I would be lying if I was to say that I still resented the bump. If anything we have grown more closer. Perhaps it had to do with the countless dreams I've been having, of a beautiful chubby cheeked baby boy, with lightly curled silky dark hair.

    Though I'm aware that it may be a figment of my imagination, I am certain that the baby I carry is a boy.

    Pulling on my knee high leather boots, the realisation of the fact that I'd be shopping alone had me pushing my tongue beneath my teeth, swallowing the tears in the corners of my eyes.

    Sure I liked living alone, but we're all human, and sometimes we desire the presence of someone other than ourselves.

    I wondered if I should call Selina and ask her to join me, the vivid imagination of Selina and I both hobbling with bags of goodies was enticing.

    Thumb hovering over her name, I pressed the call button.

    It rang twice before a male voice answered, panicking I quickly cut the call.

    Well that rules out any company.

    Running my fingers through my shoulder length curly hair, I grabbed my car keys, making sure to lock my front door.

    Since stairs was not an option, I begrudgingly decided to wait for the lift, which was something I usually tended to avoid, since the ride down always tended to make me dizzy.

    To the point where I begin to see double, and think that everyone has a twin.

    Now that is an event I do not wish to repeat.

    Stepping through the open doors of the orange glowing lift, I head straight for the number pad, and punch the 'G' button.

    It took me a moment to realise that I was not riding the lift alone.

    Towards the end, on the edge of the sliding doors stood two smartly dressed men in identical black suits; their red ties resting against their blazers. I would've thought them harmless if it were not for the taller man, his hair, so black it looked blue, was tied up in to a pony tail, but that was not as scary, as the permanent lift to the corner of his lips, in what I could only describe as a malicious smirk.

    His companion, though he didn't share the same looks, yet the suspicious looking brown bag clutched tightly in his hand spoke otherwise.

    I could only be glad when it was over, for as I made my way towards the car, I couldn't shake the nagging feeling that I was being watched.