• ltsoul 5w

    Dark, poetry, sad, slavery

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    To My Ancestors

    They will know your creation
    How you built a nation
    How you persevered and bent
    How you never broke 
    How your will never went,
    How you borrowed and lent 
    Just to get by, 
    but your hope never went
    Nope, you just reached for the sky
    Even when the heat was unbearable
    You would bear it and survive!
    So that your descendants could thrive!
    To keep your race alive,
    In this broken nation
    That tried to break your relation.
    You cried tears of pain
    So that your children could
    one day witness freedom reign! 
    You can rest now...
    Dear spirits stressed in the past
    The chains did break, they did not last.
    I just want to say I appreciate you
    Of your pain I haven't a clue,
    But I do hope I get the chance
    To one day know you.

    -LiTerrius Miller