• alisdaire_ocaoimph 31w

    A Scot

    I see the blue tints
    of tranquil sky
    lay like a warm ethereal blanketĀ 
    deep upon the green towering hills
    Those majestic mountains of Highland vale
    capped into the glorious white crested summits,
    These fields haunted upon the mist filled dales
    cries like a banshee upon the night,
    the wind caressed by pine and noble oak
    Whistles its love song upon the land.
    I see these stern flowers of my birth
    Draw strong and firm to this backdrop of life
    The thistle vibrant, cloaked royal
    rigid as the character of stubborn Scots
    Fills every pasture, every glen.
    Here is the home of centuries
    where the ancient mysteries of time
    Yields and bears down upon countless generations
    The song of the eternal Gael
    The dance of the fairy Dew.
    We stand vibrant to the echo
    that long evading pitch of our souls and hearts
    That beats as constant as any pendulum
    To sways of this our land.
    O Caledonia, how fine Alba peeks across the years
    Draws the story of an endless people
    that strives for the victory of time.
    Our fathers fought valiant and here died
    Gifted us to their goals and ancient wishes
    That freedom bears not the iniquity of time
    rather establishes upon all our horizons
    A people that loves the lilt of life
    sings the harboring songs of soul
    Dances out across the fields of land
    And bears the name ...A Scot.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph