• saaakshii 5w

    Some words that should not exist:

    She almost saved him, we almost met, we were almost together, he almost loved her, you were almost mine, she almost hated him, we were almost friends, you almost made me happy, you almost did the right thing, I almost cried, I almost spitted out the truth, you almost gulped down your lies, we almost made some sense, we almost exist but dear almost, may be you should not exist.

    It's okay to be sad all the time, it's okay because it's life, it's okay if you're stabbed with knife again and again, it's okay if you got your heart broken into pieces, it's okay if you jumped off the cliff, it's okay if you're drowning in the sea, it's okay if you are swimming in the pool of your tears, it's okay if they left you all alone, it's okay to be not okay but it's not okay to okay all the time. Sorry didn't mean to spread negativity, so eventually it's okay.

    I feel you, I feel pity for you, I feel sad for your loss, I feel terrible at your condition, all my love, all my pity, all my words they are just for you because I have sympathy for you but wouldn't it be great if you remove the sy from sympathy and replace it with e, tell me?

    -sakshi ��

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