• sunofyah913 10w

    Are You Entertained!

    I'm Nothing More Than A Highschool Dropout,
    A Frequent Failure At Living Life,
    And It Seems Like This Poetry Thing,
    Is The Only Task That I Can Do Right,
    But It's Not Really Getting Me Anywhere In Life,
    I Mean,
    How Can You Transcend When All You Do Is Type,
    From Sunset,
    All The Way To Sundown,
    From A Bright Day,
    To A Pitch Dark Night,
    I Write And Type,
    These Words For The World,
    For Men And Women,
    To Little Boys And Girls,
    Who Face Highs And Lows,
    And When The Stress Is Causing Your Face To Strain,
    At The Very Least,
    I Hope That My Poetry You Read,
    Can Somehow Keep You Entertained.