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    To all those suffering from depression...I know it's hard but don't lose your hope...Seek help...Talk with your friends family or strangers...Do what helps you gain back your lost self....Try to find happiness even if it doesn't feels like.

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    Remember how you so badly wanted to be a superhero when you were a little kid. Remember how badly you wanted to save others and be the hero proudly showing off his Cape. The way you used to run around your mom telling her how you saved a little kitty who fell in the drain and how you used to run before your dad to open the door for your guest.
    But days passed, You became a bit older, bit matured. You stopped playing superhero, You forgot that red Cape of yours. That superhero in you got lost somewhere, along with the leaves that fell off during the autumn. Just like you lost that innocent childhood. Now you are struggling with your own battles. You are trying to seek comfort and help from others. But just like you everyone has lost that innocent phase. Everyone is chasing something, they don't have time for you anymore, even if they do they are losing their own battles everyday. They are struggling just like you and me.
    Why not bring that Superhero back? Why not put that red cape on? Why not save yourself first? Why not fight your own depression? Why not be your own superhero? Why not bring the real you back?