• sinclair 5w

    Lana Del Rey

    Lana del Rey

    It seems as if my brain is once again starting to fray

    What is happiness as I lay here in the dark

    Sunken eyes sink into my pillow

    Did you think this was a game of darts?

    I guess so

    And you're a really good player, because you sure did hit the mark

    I can't see you without imagining the things we could do

    I can't look at you and see a friend

    Did you think this was archery

    Or maybe you thought you were a doctor

    Maybe you thought you could just do surgery

    Rip my heart out

    But you forgot to replace it

    You just grab it and you take it

    Are you thinking about me 

    Like a video game

    Are you regretting your words

    Like a battle for fame

    Just know that I have lost it

    Just know I want your love

    Just know that I have 10 poems all about you

    And the way that we flew

    The way we could fly

    If you just don't let us die

    The only thing I feel right now

    Is Lana del Rey