• roxana91 5w

    The weather

    Oh! The Spring looks really sweeter
    When you live a hard winter.
    The sun burns more strongly
    After a heavy weather.

    I love the night more
    'Cause it brings me peace
    And makes me dream more,
    About anything.

    You miss yourself when you were a kid,
    But you appreciate more your mature mind.
    After this strong wind you want just a breeze.
    You want to be right after a huge fight.

    You want to be where your heart is leading
    But sometimes you get lost searching the oasis.
    We begin to dance better after feeling the rhythm.
    We appreciate what we have lost after we no longer catch it.

    Did you hear me? Something should change in our attitude otherwise we will live in sadness.
    Life is beautiful if you know how to live.
    We understand better a man's pain when we go through the same problem.
    But we also need to find the solution to get it over.

    You don't have to get everything to be happy.
    You want to be understood as you understand yourself.
    To have a shoulder to cry on, to have a smile that you can share.
    Appreciate the quality of your life!