• sv_sakura 5w

    The memories that I've picked
    Are the pictures from my album.
    Did I not do what I was supposed to do?
    Or maybe if I had taken a different turn
    Today would've been a bit different.
    The warming summer ends,
    The drizzling put me down,
    The cold hardens my soul
    But the warmth of your presence still remains.
    Even if I forgive and forget,
    I still cannot let it go.
    The time flows,
    Days brighten
    But your voice
    Still echoes from the dark pit
    I let you fall into.
    If I had held you a bit tighter,
    A bit closer
    Then maybe I would've forgiven myself.
    Talking to the mirror
    I've seen myself smiling,
    Even if the grins hide so much,
    I felt myself bleeding.
    At the end of the day
    I cannot forget you.
    This is a sin to my existence
    That I can't stop missing you.