• zilvya 22w


    Its you ma love..
    Whu abode in the wallet of my heart..
    No currencies needed here..
    Your smile abode my heart sprouting
    vibrant Ecstasy throuh my days..
    your mesmorising gaze....
    abode in my thoughts...
    I wish i cud give rise to
    an Art museum aboding
    all our lovely moments..
    Time changes.. Life speeds up..
    You just abode someone else
    in your heart now...
    let it be so.. No curses.. Or sorrows
    Abode my heart...
    But one thing am pretty sure
    what abode in ma heart
    abt u will be dated for ever....
    It abode in ma heart locked and sealed..
    Let your memories aboded heart be burried..
    When i fade away from this earth..