• raghavendran 10w

    Autumn Scene

                 Autumn Scene

    Autumn is when trees stand nude,
    Bare of all leaves, many-hued,
    Presenting a picture of gloom,
    Yet hopeful of the season of bloom;

    They're just a skeletal frame
    And are trees only in name,
    They look almost dead
    Having all the leaves shed;

    No nests are seen atop trees,
    Nor heard the humming of bees,
    Dead and dry leaves litter the ground,
    The surroundings are silence-bound;

    Dry leaves float in the dusty air
    Around the trees which were lately fair,
    And end up far from the parent tree
    Which they can no longer see;

    Somewhere autumn is called 'fall',
    Is it because  flowers and leaves fall all,
    Call it fall or autumn,
    It's when leaves lie at the bottom;

    Ungrudging and silent they wait
    Hoping for a future bright
    When they'll bloom again
    And their wait will not be in vain.

    Raghav R