• m_syed46 10w

    Until breathtaking sunrise

    She stood still in a dark void
    Dusked with her own unrealistic beliefs.
    Inhaled smoke of negativity
    And bared stink of people's fake relief.

    She wanted to flee
    From this void and set herself free,
    But it's forces grabed her by her neck
    And pulled her back to keep her from feeling glee.

    She did agitate and wanted to scream,
    But was forced to mask pain with a smile;
    For the society never acknowledged her,
    For having a heart so vulnerable and fragile.

    Tears crawled silently down her cheek,
    For they didn't want to be seen.
    Rather wanted to be understood and felt,
    By hearts she thought were clean.

    Oh those clean hearts are now choking her,
    As with the passage of time did they turn dusty.
    This unexpected filth now kills her,
    As her beliefs now turned misty.

    Yet resiliently does she move on,
    As in true love does she believe;
    Which resides inside of her and assures her that
    From this darkness will she subtly find relieve.

    Until then she has to pull her shattering self together,
    And try to stay humble, resilient and wise;
    Until the eternal dawn breaks,
    Until the breathtaking sun rise!