• lewisb_86 5w

    "Pop The Trapper"

    Two techs and a uzi/I'm ready to pop
    Any fish on the beach/and watch them flop
    Machete in my bunk/these sharp blades will chop
    Skiing with my nose/this snow got me hot.
    Flip bricks/like I'm building a house
    Stuff them in my trailer/and roll down south.
    Texas for breakfast/lunchtime with the chief.
    Yes the police/pay the tax on the sweets..
    It's work before pleasure/forever my hustla code.
    The dope I sold/is like one bar of gold.
    made fiends outta hoes/who use to be fine to me.
    But after 6 months/they walking dead zombies..
    turning tricks for a hit/yeah the cycle repeats.
    My pop hustle too/till he got capped in the streets..
    The Trapper!