• monaliwrites 31w

    Have you ever thought how peaceful can death be ? How beautiful can dark be ? How soothing can screams be ?

    People ask me to fill my life with colours. But they never think how can a colour shine amidst the dark shades. They tell me to bury my past but they never think of how can someone bury the buried self.
    The little twinkles in the dark night doesn't amaze me anymore. The darkness does. How beautiful it is to see a tranquil colour extending hands to sorrow and pain.
    Happiness no more comes to my help to make the widest curve. The dark doors of screams satiates the inner of mine now. No‚ Iam not a sadist that they call me. Iam a faded ocean amidst the blue. A faded glitter amidst the hue. I lost the strength of my existence because they call me different. "No! Iam not mad. Don't hit me please"
    I wish to live the dark notions of my tale by dying everyday. I need more pain to keep me alive now.
    Iam different unlike you losing my colours in the faded palates. Dark has owned me now. I belong to him. He resides in me.