• iamymhp 10w

    I'm totally in love with you

    Dazzling like stars,
    shining and beautifying the sky.
    Together,lets disappear into this night,
    like two shooting star.

    I fall in love with you every single day because of the million things
    you never know you're doing.
    yours is the kind of love
    I'll never wake up from.

    Look into my eyes,
    you may see stars.
    love me,then you'll have them.
    my heart beat for you only you,
    and will continue beating for you,
    if you accept my love.

    You keep driving me crazy
    when you look straight into my eyes.
    I mean,i must say,
    you have the most perfect shaped eyes i've ever seen.

    I can't promise that
    i will give you everything you need,
    but i can assure you when you're with me,
    you'll never need a thing.
    Your smile makes me the happiest person alive.

    Sometimes i can't see myself
    when I'm with you.
    i can only just see you.
    In your smile i see something
    more beautiful than stars.
    i still fall for you everyday.
    you may not notice
    but I'm totally in love with you