• bluemoonlight44 5w

    Poem 58

    Bloody hands
    Bleeding heart
    I was buried alive
    I'm still breathing

    Cold chills running down your spin
    All I ever wanted was for you to be loved
    All I got back was the pain that you left me to deal with until I vanished from your mind
    Your actions was to damn cold but my words come from death everyone gotta express themselves I once known you now I see you as enemy that distroyed me

    My life was ruined by your excuses
    Now I'm gonna take everything back what I've said you spined me around like a teddy bear didn't tell me what was going on, all you said was that I may regret all these rainbow love letters that you sent me but you danced on my gave and called me a foolish fairy

    Bloody hands
    Bleeding heart
    You buried me alive
    I'm still breathing

    All those years I stayed with you
    All the nonsince that you told me wasn't true
    You had a sick method to your plans
    I should of known that you didn't want me to carry you fantasy dream and now I'm gonna come back to reality no tears is gonna fell from these eye of mine death has warned you
    Now here comes your destiny

    I fell in love you throw me out
    I was trapped in darkness no light has found me yet all the demons far and near they told me to open my eyes live once more
    These bloody hands
    This bleeding heart
    Will find someone that's better then death

    Bloody hands
    Bleeding heart
    I was buried alive but
    I'm still breathing

    © Bluemoonlight44