• the_moonlit_heart 30w

    Our thoughts and desires of our heart that we suppress on the orders of our mind.
    Not realising that we have just this life
    and fall will come no matter how hard u try
    so better to live as one would like to leave.

    Like in autumn leaves show the many colours
    That were always present in them but were overpowered by the green chlorophyll.
    And finally when they start to get coloured they fall.

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    Don't be scared of fall
    there's beauty even in gravity's call

    Meanings that u now portray
    were always there
    usurped by ur brain
    Ur heart eluded for the sake of sanity

    But now when reds and yellows glow
    Green ends
    To let u kno

    To kno before u finally leave
    before the final leap.