• sir_benjamins 10w

    Single life

    Single Life

    All you single men & women
    Be happy for everyone,
    Some things are not easy
    Some people are not meant to be.

    Singles are sometimes blessed,
    Cause life's not so messed.
    Everything has a lesson
    Embrace it for some reason.

    Singles, don't be mad and sad,
    Single life is somewhat not that bad,
    Be merry, Be very happy
    Cause life is always so lovely.

    Singles, being alone is not a hell,
    Cause you have all the time to chill
    So cheer up and celebrate
    Cause life is always so great.

    Single life means living alone,
    There are times we can't hold on
    A touch and a hug from someone
    Can be a solution, not for everyone.

    Single life is exciting
    Full of fun, adventure, and travelling.
    They can go there and everywhere
    They can buy and shop elsewhere.

    A few may ask and say,
    Why are you still single today?
    Smile may sometimes a reply
    Cause you can't even explain it why.

    Being single is something intriguing,
    People may or will tell a lot of thing
    You may or will give them a hint
    Just to make them reticent.

    Let's celebrate "singlehood",
    Be proud of your stronghold
    After all, life is always beautiful
    Regardless if you're single or couple.