• amateur_writes 10w

    Once I was being asked what is the best advice you ever received...
    I just smiled and recalled the flash of words that were concealed..
    ''Look around, darling...you are not the only one going through tough times'',
    And I thought, literally is that so?
    Have I not opened up my eyes to the world who still survives..
    Despite carrying the baggage of sufferings,
    They keep faith in divine and proceed with heartfelt offerings,
    Jumbled with your own self, you often forget to see the brighter aspect ..
    All you can see is your life taking a turn towards a terrific mess!
    You forget that keeping the sadness in the archive of your heart won't help,
    Sometimes talking complaints is way better than angry silence that dwells..
    There is so much to learn from every creature of this wide world,
    Always remember.. it's okay if no one's there for you in life's curd,
    You can still be there for them with a sheer feeling of trust!