• jerryjunga 6w

    If I Could

    If I could be so strong
    So tough, like Hercules
    I could spin back the wheels of time
    Get us back to what we began,
    Take it to another level

    If I could be so mighty,
    So capable, like the Greek gods,
    I could breathe love that never was
    In your heart and make it stay
    Till the day the sun shines last

    If I could play a lyre,
    So flawlessly, like King Dave,
    I could also sing and recite for you
    In an empty theater with just you
    And tears helping you become remorse for leaving

    If I could be so unyielding
    So withstanding, like Achilles,
    I could stand between victory and victory
    Winning battles for you
    Stand by you
    Keep you as safe as Troy till I can't anymore.

    If I could make you mine,
    I would let loose the love
    Which lives in the neath of my heart,
    Regain you like a required city,
    And make new permanent memories
    Before I shuffle off the mortal coil
    But then if only you want die by me.