• pennywrites 24w


    "Mom, I'm going to have my boyfriend together with me tomorrow in my birthday."

    "That's great, dear. You gotta bring him so that you'll have a visitor just for once in your special day."

    "Happy birthday, Love."

    "Oh, thank you. I'll go upstairs first 'cause I gotta change clothes."

    I was changing my clothes for my birthday. As I made my walk downstairs, I heard some silent moans mentioning my boyfriend's name.

    There, I saw my mom kissing torridly with my boyfriend.

    "Ugh, James, I've been longing to kiss you"
    "Me too, Carlita. Too good I met your daughter."

    These words they said between their kisses. The image of my mom kissing my boyfriend is more like seeing myself being hanged on the rope.