• king12 5w

    The last time I loved in November,
    You never appreciated me so far as I remember.
    You would call out "bestie bestie" when you knew I loved you,
    I saw the signs but I ignored it, for I wanted our friendship anew.
    I was stuck on the verge of giving up ,
    for days, ignoring you was best but I still couldn't help but to checkup.
    You demanded more of me than I did,
    but yet loving me was something you never did.
    Before December, I saw you in someone's arm and you waved at me saying "bestie bestie".
    My heart tore and you just walked away,
    my happiness went up in smoke everything looked gray.
    You're not good for me and so is love, I consoled myself.
    So now I love no more.

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    Love no more