• wittyskylark 24w

    Breaking Dawn

    Wake-up call by nature, at dawn
    With the melodious song of birds.
    The gentle swish of trees and the rattling of leaves
    Enjoying the symphony of those beings.

    Dew drops on grass blades,
    Looks like beautiful pearls
    Pierced by the sunrays,
    The soul of nature, pleasing the eyes.

    The fresh aroma of a downpour,
    One of life’s pleasing scents
    The odour of souls, the nature,
    The smell greater than any other floral scents.

    Dance of flowers in the yard,
    In harmony with the soothing air
    And murmuring haunt of butterflies
    Enjoying the everlasting smack of honey.

    The sun kisses on the windowpanes,
    And soft gales passed through the casement
    The mild breeze making goose bumps,
    Cooling the mind, giving such an ecstasy.

    And here we are, at the break of dawn,
    With the fall of dusk,
    One more day has begun
    Endowing the eternal beauty of nature.