• shara_emlyn 31w

    Love at first sight

    It was love at first sight..
    But she ran away at the very first sight of me..
    She was not your typical girly girl..
    Not your lazy bum..
    She's always on run..
    Specially when stranger is nearby..
    She befriends cockroaches
    And mourns for their death
    Yes they are her playmates...
    She is weird isn't she?
    she isn't that choosy but loves
    when u feed by hand
    She's out all day.. And home by night..
    Often forgets the curfew..
    Yet gets along unnoticed..
    Cuddles mom always at night..
    Not before playing and annoying the sister
    And licking the fingers face and toes of the brother..
    She's peculiar and warms up after few visits.. Yes it was love at first site..
    Now who can ignore the best kitten ever..
    My dear sandy...