• bashful_wordsmith 34w

    There are keys before me
    And I wish that they form something
    From the black ink.
    Because I desperately wish for some absolution
    As my emotions have been killed in commotion.
    I think that I have run too far
    I didn’t see the way in the night.
    And now,
    I have come to the other side of the globe,
    Only to find darkness here too.
    I am sorry but my legs have given up now,
    So I will explode myself into pieces
    And collect them when the sun will rise.
    For now,
    I want to fade away like the wind—unnoticed by everyone
    Because if I stayed for too long,
    I cause hurricanes that wreck everything.
    Sadness has welcomed me
    And I am foolish enough to go along
    Because she has promised me fake eternities.
    If I lie lonely on the bed,
    She doesn’t complain about my aloofness,
    Rather she interlaces her fingers with mine
    And sing me a song.
    She knows how I used to ardently wish for company
    Therefore she is now here with me.
    No, she does not call me a pathetic being
    Neither has she complained how I boggle her with my mysteries.
    Sometimes she presses the keys to write something
    Or picks up the charcoal to sketch on ivories
    And I let her because I don’t care
    Because I think there is nothing I can call mine anymore.
    We both smile and smile and smile…..
    In each other’s presence till the end of time.