• palkaanshwika_ 5w

    That Yearning Spot!

    I feel a pinch,
    Or maybe more than that,
    On a spot, on the right of my head,
    It keeps growing and is starting to spat,
    Telling me something vague,
    A mystery that I don't get.

    I try to suppress,
    To run from the stress,
    And run into an imaginary world,
    Where I keep myself
    Isolated, from the hurl,
    And livin' the life that I acquiesce,
    In the arms of happiness.

    And suddenly a jolt,
    Hits my head on the back,
    Not the same ting
    It's stronger than that,
    Exploding inside is that yearning spot,
    Asking me to stop, pleading me to stop!