• a_beautiful_mess 6w

    Sometimes I will tell you what to do n what not to do
    That's not because I want to control you,
    That's not because I think I own you...
    But because I love you, I don't wanna lose you
    I do the same with my parents, That doesn't mean I wanna control them...I never think of that
    Whenever I do this, it simply means I can't even imagine losing you
    I don't wanna live my life without you
    I want to protect you from every danger that comes on your way
    I promise I'll stand in front of you and act as a human shield
    I will consume every negative thing that bothers you..
    I will even pray for my illness before you, I will pray whatever bad is planned for you, should be given to me...
    I am like this from the very start of my life...I want to protect the people I love in every possible way..
    I know, everytime it's not possible, but I don't want to leave a single opportunity to protect you.