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    This is how I used to feel in the past 4to 6 months or 8 months or 10 months

    Yehh , I used to be the most confident girl of my school answering everything very confidently and taking part in in interschool competitions but life has it own conditions where the fate has to judge you once in a while ,I started getting inferiority complexes , I started feeling low, my faith my trust all broke in a second , I used to be the most hopeful and that sudden inferiority complexes and that all started in 11 standard ����when I opted science where all kind of studious students come and I always loved to be an all rounder couldn't manage my studies all together and science is a subject where the more you learn the things they are still less according to schooling���� I saw my peers performing better than me �� and such kind of jealousy had another level then the pressure became so much that I started mugging up the things in order to be the topper and from that day I started ruining myself , I forgot the motive of taking science but still I performed average I managed to be in best 3 ���� that race fuck !!! And in 12 standard I completely lost myself where I went what I did I don't know, I started quitting interschools , in the end I remember my English teacher asked to participate in an extempore organised by dainik jagran and I said no she tagged me with quitter is a loser ���� but I was not mentally stable I started comparing myself more started copying the ones aiming for iit started outshining them I don't know why I did this ? ���� I loath all this damn!!! And I would like to say some of my teachers also made me lose interest in ���� science subjects ..

    I now think life can't be compared , situations of everyone's life is different , family is different and hopes and especially goals are different what I mistook is I overexerted myself towards success I forgot success is qualitative not quantitative and aim for what your heart is ready to accept and especially in that realm where you can work hard to the greatest not in pressure of your parents they always want out best but make them understand that lifestyles are changing and there are lots of fields where one can go and bring laurels , they are Soo cute ����������❤️���������� they will understand you , samjho Yar bas karo comparison and learn what you want not in pressure of society kamana har kisi ko Hain lekin jidhar man lage udhar bas ...

    I wanted to share my experience in order to tell that be confident don't lose yourself especially self confidence

    Imm feeling too good after sharing this ...

    Good job! Ritika ����������

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    Live it damnn!!!